"Next Gen" Fire Officer Training & Development

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Courses Offered

  • New Program - Hostile Threats to Fire & EMS
  • Next Gen Fire Command
  • Residential Tactics & Strategies
  • Multi-Family Dwelling Fires
  • Commercial Building Fires & Major Incidents
  • Hydrogen Cyanide & Smoke Exposures
  • Street Smart Building Construction
  • NIOSH 5 Firefighter Safety
  • Arbitrary Aggression
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Street Smart Safety Officer
  • Managing a MaydayType your paragraph here.
Our goals are simple! Improve firefighter safety through quality fire officer training & development programs using a well balanced mix of common sense, tradition and modern day research.


Since we started in 2012 over 2,800 firefighters have attended our programs. Our sessions are easy, delivered on site to host departments or regional & group programs.

      Upcoming Classes  

New Program -

Hydrogen Cyanide & Smoke Exposures Steuben Fire Department Monday July 17, 2017

Reading Smoke Sabattus Fire Department September 12, 2017 (Closed Session)

Hydrogen Cyanide & Smoke Exposures Sunday November 12, 2017 Castine Maine

Short Handed Firefighting November 13, 2017 Jay Fire Department

Short Handed Firefighting Tuesday November 14th, 2017 Washington County Community College

Hydrogen Cyanide  Smoke Exposures Castine Maine November 12, 2017

Arbitrary Aggression Reading Smoke Monday December 14th, 2017 Stockton Springs Fire Department

Arbitrary Aggression Tuesday December 12th, 2017 Sorrento Fire

Response to Hostile Incidents Modern Day Threats to Fire & EMS January 9th, 2018 Waldo County Tech Center 

Response to Hostile Incidents Modern Day Threats to Fire & EMS January 15th, 2018 Trenton Maine Fire Dept.

Response to Hostile Incidents Modern Day Threats to Fire & EMS January 23, 2018 Oak Hill High School

Short Handed Firefighting  March 17th , 2018 Jefferson County Missouri Fire District

To request a pdf flyer for any of these programs please call 207 213-4749 or email pinepointftc@yahoo.com 

Phone 207 213-4749

Student Counter 

Total Number of Students  2835

Total Training Hours   10,549

Thank You Mount Desert Fire for the recent Hostile Threats Program

Thanks to the Skowhegan Maine Fire Department for the recent Tactics & Strategies program 

Thanks to the Proctorsville Vermont Fire Department for the Hydrogen Cyanide Program.  

Thanks to Winter Harbor Fire Department for the recent Situational Awareness program.  


Pine Point Fire Training Instructors

Experienced Career and Volunteer

Fire Officers     

Roger J. Audette, EMT-P has been in the fire service since 1987 and served as a Volunteer Firefighter/Chief Officer for the Winthrop Maine Volunteer Fire Department retiring as Fire Chief in 2005. Additionally Roger has been a career Firefighter/Fire Chief since 1993.      learn more

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